East Van Aikikai

East Vancouver Aikikai was established in January of 2011 to offer Hombu-style aikido instruction directly from the source. Both Tony Hind (Head Instructor) and Greg Duncan (Instructor) have years of experience training at Hombu dojo in Japan and maintain close ties with this organization.

Our club started as Gastown Aikikai in a funky old character rich building on the lower East Side. You could find our entrance at the first unmarked door to the right just past the second dumpster in a seedy back alley. This became our home for three years where we trained hard and supported our local drinking establishments after class. Due to rent increases we were forced to move to Britannia Community Centre and changed our name to what it is today. It was here that we realized the importance of contributing to the broader community and where we established The James Paul Martin Memorial Fund. (see below)

As our numbers grew it became obvious that we needed a larger space to train. We were fortunate to find a great place just a short distance away at Strathcona Community Centre. It is a place where everyone knows everyone. For many, it is a home away from home. It is a perfect fit for our club; a true community where aikido can enrich people's lives both on and off the mat.

We have always had an atmosphere where students of all ranks, gender, and socioeconomic status can train in a sincere, fun, and friendly manner. Safety in practice is paramount and a top priority for our dojo. Drop-ins are welcome, no matter what style or affiliation you subscribe to.

Though modest in scale, our dojo strives to contribute to a robust future for aikido in Canada. We promote friendly collaborative diplomacy between dojos, organizations, and governing bodies. This is the essence of aikido as established by the founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

The James Paul Martin Memorial

Paul Martin Sensei, a previous president of the BC Aikido Federation and a senior member of the British Columbian and Canadian Aikido community, passed away August 25, 2012. Paul greatly influenced many students. To honor his memory, East Van Aikikai, with the blessing and support of Paul's family and close friends, established The James Paul Martin Memorial Grant.

Each year East Vancouver Aikikai will raise money using the proceeds of The Paul Martin seminar and donations to support this grant.

Paul Martin Memorial - goFundme

Annual Japan Trip to Hombu Dojo –The Aikikai World Headquarters




November 2017 marked the 7th annual Hombu Dojo trip to Japan. The trip included a side voyage to Vietnam to train with friends in Ho Chi Minh city.

At Hombu one can train under the tutelage of The Founder’s grandson, Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba and great-grandson, Dojo-cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba. Your morning class partner might be a young white belt from Italy, your afternoon partner a 2nd dan from Brazil, and your evening partner a 7th Dan Hombu Shihan. Your downtime might be spent sightseeing beautiful temples with a group from Russia or drinking beer with local Japanese students. You have the opportunity to share the love and passion of aikido with people from around the world and bring what you experience and learn back home to your dojo. The 2015 trip included travelling to Beijing, China where we joined the ranks of students at Beijing Aikikai.

All are welcome to join this annual pilgrimage to the source of aikido.