Tony Hind Shihan - Technical Director, Canadian Aikido Association

The last foreign kenshusei to live at Hombu Dojo

In the video above author Bill Gillespie talks about his time at Hombu Dojo including training with Tony and a link at the end to a Aikido Italia Network interview with Gillespie, discussing training at Hombu - The Training Culture at the Aikikai Hombu Dōjō

Spring 2022 - Tony Hind Sensei appointed the title of Shihan

From Hombu Dojo, Tokyo - The Examination Committee for Appointment of Shihan, at a meeting held in Aikido World Headquarters on April 14, 2022, appointed Tony Hind the honorific title of Shihan. This shows his qualification as "an Aikido instructor of the highest rank".

Originally from Vancouver Aikikai, Tony attended the first B.C. Summer Camp in New Denver, B.C. as a teenager in 1979.

Tony was the last foreign kenshusei to both live at Hombu Dojo and receive direct training from the Founder's son and successor Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba and was honored to be chosen to assist Kisshomaru Doshu in demonstrations both in and outside of Hombu Dojo.

Tony also took ukemi for Osawa Sensei (Senior) during his Thursday morning class. Tony was humbled to practice as a training partner with Tamura, Yamada, Chiba, Sugano and Shibata Senseis and most of the current younger Hombu Shihan during Doshu and Osawa Senseis' classes. He also travelled to Iwama to clean and help prepare for the Aiki Taisai (Aiki Shrine Festival) held every April 29th to commemorate the Founder's passing, and during his overnight stay there, practiced twice at private classes taught by Saito Sensei (Senior) to his senior students and Hombu Shihan.

Tony participated in the All-Japan Aikido Demonstration as Uke for Miyamoto  (May 92 & 96) & Fujita (May 95) Shihans, and has assisted at the All-Japan Children's Aikido Training Meet at the Budokan. The only foreigner to appear at the Embukai with 2 different Shihans. He travelled overseas accompanying the current Doshu as well as other Hombu Shihan, including Yamada, Masuda, Ichihashi, Fujita and Miyamoto Senseis. At the request of Hombu Dojo, Tony appeared on television, in magazines and was a guest speaker on a radio station. Tony founded and for over twenty years taught at seven Aikido dojos in Tokyo and Yokohama.

He also taught Canadian Embassy and military personnel at private classes in Shinjuku, in addition to instructing American military and FBI personnel at the U.S. Embassy compound in Tokyo.

As a Canadian, Tony considers himself very honored to have never been required to test for kyu or dan ranks. Tony received by recommendation all of his shodan through rokudan promotions directly from Kisshomaru Doshu or the current Doshu, Moriteru Ueshiba.