The James Paul Martin Memorial

This fund may change a child's narrative, and we are aware of the privilege we've been accorded

Strathcona Community Centre, home of East Van Aikikai, will offer a weekly after-school art program and nutrious snack for Strathcona community kids.

James Paul Martin Sensei

We look forward to launching this program when public health recommendations allow. 100% of revenue generated through weekly classes and seminars attended by East Van Aikikai and Downtown Van Aikikai is directed to The Paul Martin Memorial Grant to support this program.

Paul Martin Sensei, a previous president of the BC Aikido Federation and a senior member of the British Columbian and Canadian Aikido community, passed away August 25, 2012. Paul greatly influenced many students and friends. To honour his memory, East Van Aikikai and Downtown Van Aikikai, with the blessing and support of Paul's family and close friends, established The James Paul Martin Memorial Grant.

Inaugural Seminar 2015

Paul greatly enjoyed drawing and cartooning; art was a very therapeutic outlet for Paul and it was decided to use that medium to help people. To have the greatest impact the funds would be used for children's art therapy.

To date, over $14,000.00 has been raised and spent on helping deserving children dealing with various childhood traumas through art therapy. Elaine Pelletier, dojo member and a friend of Paul, is a gifted art therapist and was able to help numerous children over the past few years. Unfortunately, Elaine is unable to continue so we pivoted slightly and found a new recipient that will allow Paul's legacy to live on for generations.

The after-school program will start with a weekly one and a half hour class for 12 children. Community centre team leaders will teach various arts and crafts and equally important also provide the students with healthy snacks.

Hind/Mustard Seminar, 2016

Many martial arts instructors have volunteered their time, expertise and dojos for our fund-raising efforts.

Keith Durrant Seminar, 2016

Joel Posluns (7th dan, USAF) started us off at the inaugural event in 2015 at his Dojo. He participated again by instructing at a fundraiser at Downtown Van Aikikai in February 2020.

Keith Durrant (7th dan Judo, Tokyo Kodokan) with assistance from Mickey Fitzgerald (6th dan, Victoria Judo Club) and Robert Mustard (8th dan, Yoshinkan) had never met Paul but jumped at the opportunity to contribute in 2016. James Goreas (CAF) invited Tony Hind (6th dan, CAA) to teach at Crane Aikikai in Duncan, Vancouver Island, in January 2019.

Crane Aikikai Seminar, 2019

Hind/Posluns Seminar, 2020

100% of all instructor fees remitted at the end of each term at both East Van Aikikai and Downtown Van Aikikai are donated to the Paul Martin fund. This fund may change a child's narrative, and we are aware of the privilege we've been accorded.

We look forward to working together at future fundraisers.

If you would like to contribute, please email the Paul Martin Memorial Fund.